Our Crossfit Programs

Level 1

Our introductory level programming replaces the “Elements” system most CrossFit boxes incorporate. Although the weights never get very heavy, the pace at which you’re moving makes this level a challenging 60 minutes. This class time is spent building a strong foundation to build a healthy body. The hour breaks down into a warmup and mobility period followed by a segment to instruct and practice one complex movement. The remaining class time features a workout that involves that days movement. You are more than welcome to stay in Level 1 for as long as you would like or until you feel you are ready to move into our Level 2 class.

Level 2

This is our intermediate level of classes. Slightly heavier, slightly more complex, and slightly more intense than level 1, but obtainable for everyone, in every walk of life. Class structure in Level 2 uses the same basic format as Level 1. The hour breaks down into a warmup and mobility period, followed by a segment to instruct and practice the day’s complex movements, with the remaining class time to conduct a workout. To be able to attend Level 2 classes, you will need a good working knowledge of CrossFit movements.


What you put in your body is more important to achieving your goal than the fitness program you follow. If you’re not a nutrition expert, how do you know you’re making the right choices to facilitate the best results? Stop listening to what worked for other people, or what fad diet has the biggest marketing budget to sell you their products. The trial and error method can end today. Let’s focus on what we each do best. You wouldn’t rebuild your own engine, cut your own hair, or perform surgery on yourself. Let us create you a custom meal plan that puts you on in fast lane to Sucessville!

Open Gym

Open gym is your time to get your personal workout in. If you follow different CrossFit programming, need to work on a skill, or just want to get a WOD in, this is the time to do so. There will always be a staff member available for coaching and private training sessions during this time.

Ask your coach about Private Training