About D-Town

D-Town CrossFit offers almost 15,000 square feet of unparalleled CrossFit facilities in the heart of Dallas’s Design District. DTCF can help you obtain your health goals through nutritional guidance, private consultation, structured programming in a eye catching, gratifying, and peaceful atmosphere. Alongside its dedicated, and knowledgeable staff, DTCF also exhibits a private gated parking lot, premium locker rooms with individual showers, members lounge, and other accommodations to make your gym experience feel like home. DTCF provides an climate controlled sanctum to evade the heat, and chaos of Dallas, where members can savor the rich, and tranquil social atmosphere created to facilitate a life through safe yet effective methods. Located only feet away from the continental pedestrian bridge, and trinity skyline trail, DTCF offers versatility you don’t typically see in a fitness center.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly improve what is essential to human life by mastering functional fitness, and the key principles of health. We will provide the highest tier coaching, world class facilities, as well as provide a habitat that elevates our members based on their needs and demands. The CrossFit methodologies have been forged through experience and scientific research, “constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity” coupled with the basic tenets of diet and rest, this all comes together to provides the framework to achieve peak fitness and health.









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